Computer Repair

Steps to fix a computer and repair it for free

The repairing of computer does not require service of a costly technician always. There are problems in the latest operating systems which can be the system settings itself. There is a feature named as system restore that you can solve the problem. You should make sure that you backup the files and all the important data because just in case while fixing it you might have to use some features which will erase your data.

Computer Repair

Steps to restore your computer system

  1. Click “start” and then type “system restore” in the “search” box.
  2. Press “enter” and select “use a different restore point”.
  3. Choose a date prior to the time your computer first began showing the problems.
  4. Press “next” to restore your computer, fixing the problem at no cost to you.

Computer repair can be done using these steps

  1. You have to insert the windows DVD into the computer and restart the pc.
  2. Press any key when asked to boot from the installation CD.
  3. Choose your language, keyboard layout, and currency type from the onscreen menus.
  4. Click “Install Now” and click “Get Important Updates”.
  5. Enter the product key number then select “accept” when present with the license agreement and then click the “Custom Installation” button. Highlight the drive containing your current windows installation (this is  almost always “c” ) and then press “next” to reinstall the operating system, restoring the computer to default conditions and alleviating problems.

There are startup repairs also where you have to follow some steps which are:-

  1. Insert the Windows DVD into the computer.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Press any key when you are asked to boot from the disc.
  4. Enter your language, keyboard, and currency options.
  5. Click “Repair your computer”.
  6. Select the drive containing your windows installation ( this is almost always the “C” drive)
  7. Then press “next” to repair the computer.

Computers these days are easily fixed without taking help from the experienced technicians and they charge too much for their services. It is advised that your should follow the given instructions above by yourself and even after doing that you are not able to fix the system then only you should give the system to an expert.