Learn more about data recovery

Data Recovery
Since the emergence of computers on society, progressive changes are happening around us. Each data is digitized which becomes easier to access. The individuals who utilize them well procure more advantages. The facts demonstrate that, computers have incredible innovation however there are a few issues that continue to affect the people. You may miss the information in view of different…read more
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How Do Large Flash Drives Stack Up Against Small Hard Drives

Flash Drive
How Do Large Flash Drives Stack Up Against Small Hard Drives At times, you may find yourself torn between going for Large Flash Drives or Small Hard Drives. In either decision you make, there are pros and cons associated with it. However, before arriving at either decision, it is important to evaluate your storage needs against the constraints either of…read more

Top Cyber Security Challenges that Small Businesses Face

Over the years many have related large companies to cyberattacks. This is no longer the case and every institution, big and small, are equally vulnerable. The attacks are increasing and the intensity and cost implied is financially damaging business operations. according to a report by the Ponemon Institute, costs caused due to disruption of operations from cyber attack grew from…read more

What’s next in artificial intelligence (AI) technology in 2018?

After significant breakthroughs in the last two years in the field of AI, there has been a lot of anticipation and speculation of what the future holds. Here are some predictions and tips from leading researchers in AI technology on what to expect before the end of 2018. Natural language generation It is a relatively new field in the field…read more